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Specialist Vein Care

We specialise in Varicose Veins, in addition to the simple in clinic procedures more complicated venous problems are managed in hospital with a team of dedicated nurses, anaesthetists and assistants, often as day only cases. 

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Dr Grosser has expertise developed over decades in managing the major range of venous problems from the tiny vessels and dark patches defined as cosmetic venous abnormalities through simple and very complex varicose veins. He also has been a leader in the management of major venous obstruction from DVT occlusion of Femoral and Iliac Veins. In the last decade he has been controlling  chronic occlusions responsible for severe stasis change with Angioplasty and Special Venous Stents.

Sclerotherapy (Injection Treatment) for Veins

Sclerotherapy based on scientific principles was developed to manage Varicose Veins by an Irish surgeon FEGAN after World war II. Progressive adaptations and developments make it standard practice for subsidary varicose veins (e.g. Reticular Veins ) and the fine but often very unsightly spider veins. It is also used for Trunk systems but has a high recurrence rate and there are better alternatives for this. New Techniques are being trialled with a glue like Araldite and a little egg beater type device Clarivein to increase the efficacy. At present there are limited reports of how this will compare with RF ablation which has many years of assessment on the board.

Introduction to Varicose Veins

We treat all vein pathology from cosmetic vein problems to major surgical procedures. We use the least invasive procedures where possible like the latest Radio-Frequency (RF) ablation techniques.

Treatment of Varicose Veins

A discussion of the aims and methods. Cosmetic Surface Veins to Massive Systems complicated by Ulceration.

Surgical Treatment and RF Ablation of Varicose Veins

RF Ablation has become the standard of Care for Trunk Veins in our Practice.


Information on Causation, risk of Recurrence, Management and Current Technology to remove Major Blockages Our research can reduce the risk of Thrombosis if it is appropriately applied. A needle prick and catheter and new lytic devices can resolve a large proportion of limb and life threatening thrombi.

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