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We believe we're leading global research in popliteal compression and the real origins of DVT.

We are also working with Gold Coast Spine to improve the access for complex lumbar spine and aorta surgery - a world first. 

January 7, 2017

Popliteal vein compression syndrome the MAIN cause of DVT

Dr David M Grosser MB BS FRACS FRCS(London)

Senior Consultant EndoVascular/ Vascular Surgeon,

Gold Coast, Queensland, AUSTRALIA


Affects at least 20% of our Population

Popliteal vein compression syndrome has been described in the medical literature for some 30 years. Only in the last few years has it been looked at seriously as a cause for deep vein...

January 10, 2013

Why is it that the standardised way of assessing the popliteal vein is carried out in the standing position when general understanding and observation demonstrate DVT occurs in the recumbent position?


Popliteal Vein compression has been reported by others in France, Italy and the USA in examinations in the erect  standing position in small numbers but...

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