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VEIN CLOT CLEARED in 30 MINUTES    AngioJet mechanism

Latest Care for Thrombosis

PharmacoMechanical THROMBOLYSIS


This device, which is no longer new to us, for some years has facilitated the ability to dissolve and remove major clots from extensive deep vein thrombosis, (DVT). 

Prior to this, days, often 48 to 72 hours, of slow infusion clot lysis were required to break down the blockages and the procedures were not as successful. Now using this device to powerfully pulse spray the lytic material, urokinase or  tP.A. (alteplase), results can be seen in a little over 30 mins. with clearance achieved by fragmentation and suction aspiration of remains.

Mechanism of Action

1. The AngioJet Console monitors and controls the system. 

2. The Console energizes the pump which sends pressurized saline to the catheter tip. 


3. Saline jets travel backwards to create a low pressure zone causing a vacuum effect.


(Image 1)


4. Thrombus is drawn into the in-flow windows and the jets push the thrombus back down the catheter. (Image 2)


5. Thrombus is evacuated from the body and into the collection bag. (Image 3)

JET action.jpg

The image that follows demonstrates progressive breakdown and removal of a substantial DVT blocking most of the outflow from the leg. Presentation would be expected to involve pain, major swelling, redness and bluish periphery. Clots that kill with (PE) Pulmonary Embolus often have minimal attachment and so are likely to be asymptomatic in many cases.

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