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We treat all vein pathology from cosmetic vein problems to major surgical procedures.


We treat and manage all types of blockages, aneurysms and congenital abnormalities.


We provide premier diagnostic vascular ultrasound service.

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We spend extra time with you so you really understand your problem and diagnosis, and we provide you the best options for treatment.

Research Leaders

We're not just practitioners. We're world leaders. Check out our preeminent research on deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


There are few vascular surgeons in Australia with our specialist expertise and world leading research.

About Us

About our Practice

Welcome to Dr. David Grosser's Surgery

The Southern Queensland Cardiovascular Centre (Gold Coast) is located in Southport, just minutes away from Surfers Paradise. We provide a range of cardiovascular and vascular services.

The practice is owned and managed by Dr David Grosser MB BS FRACS FRCS (London) - Consultant Vascular Surgeon. 


Dr David M Grosser has continued to provide a Complex array of Vascular Surgical Services on the Gold Coast since 1984. Dr Grosser has been at the forefront of the development of EndoVascular Surgery and has seen dramatic improvements in the provision of Vascular Treatments over that time.

Patients seek help with ARTERIAL BLOCKAGES that can limit walking, cause pain and ulceration, gangrene and threaten limbs. A whole range of treatment is now available from physical and complex medical treatments to intervention with balloons (angioplasty), stents. unblocking and recanalising devices, to stent grafts and bypasses using the patients own vascular tissue or in the event that this unsuitable, prosthectic devices.

Dilating, expanding arteries (ANEURYSMS) risk rupture or thrombotic occlusion. Generally there is a size cutoff that controls whether intervention or surgery should be undertaken depending on the calculated risk. In addition to the standard surgical technique we have many new ENDOVASCULAR GRAFTS to deploy as lining sleeves inside to prevent the complications. The skin incisions can be limited to 1.5 cm and closed with tape.

DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS remains a common problem and the data is still not clear on the underling causes. Research at our Ultrasound Lab has confirmed the high level of association of LEG VEIN THROMBOSIS with the POPLITEAL VEIN COMPRESSION Syndrome (PVCS). A relatively common problem associated with a bundle of extra Gastrocnemius Muscle that crushes the VEIN and sometimes the artery when the leg is straight, THE KNEE EXTENDED.

VARICOSE VEINS also are common and vary from spidery marks in the skin to large bulging clusters with incompetent perforators from the muscle veins. Complications are thrombophlebitis, venous stasis with pressure destruction of the dermal fat, fibrosis and scarring, eczema, haemosiderin pigmentation and ulceration, PCVS plays a significant part in a large part of these complications but has been poorly recognised and is not taken into account in the current literature. Treatment is discussed on this link.

Vascular Intervention can assist with the control of poorly controlled HYPERTENSION by managing high grade renal artery narrowing(stenosis) and there are trials to assess the therapeutic potential of RENAL SYMPATHETIC NERVE ablation which can be carried out by controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy applied inside the renal arteries.This has been shown not to be effective with extended trials but there is further analysis to ascertain whether there are subgroup differences. we need large long term studies to assess durability. 

DIABETICS are particularly prone to leg and foot complications associated with extensive vascular disease and sensory deprivation as PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY and secondary foot and joint destruction.In addition to their GP and VASCULAR SURGEON they require assistance from an ENDOCRINE PHYSICIAN, PODIATRIST, WOUND CARE NURSE and often a ORTHOTIST who can provide special footware to offload pressure.

Dr Grosser has been supplying a CARDIAC PACEMAKER SERVICE on the Gold Coast since 1985. Patients present with lightheaded feelings or BLACKOUTS(Syncope) and can have palpitations. Electrical rhythm assessment of the heart is the main test required for diagnosis.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dan Traves

Dan is an Independent Vascular Sonographer based on the Gold Coast who has a special interest in the cardiac and vascular causes of stroke and neurological disease. 

Dr. David Grosser
Consultant Vascular Surgeon
  • MB BS University of Sydney 1968, Clinical in Royal North Shore Hospital Surgical Training Specialising in Vascular, in the Prince of Wales and Prince Henry Hospitals and other hospitals associated with the University of New South Wales 1968-1973 included significant training in cardiac, neuro, orthopaedics, general and urology.

  • Lecturer in Anatomy University of New South Wales 1970

  • Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 1972

  • Junior Consultant 1974-1975 United Kingdom; Essex, Surrey, Sussex and Middlesex

  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 1975

  • Senior Registrar in Vascular Surgery Prince of Wales Hospital 1976

  • Consultant Surgeon Northern New South Wales, based at  Lismore but also serving surrounding hospitals, Vascular and General Surgery 1977

  • Full time private practice in Queensland on the Gold Coast in 1984, primarily in Vascular Surgery but also credentialed inGeneral Surgery.

  • Current position – Senior Vascular Consultant on the Gold Coast based at Allamanda Hospital, with a very active practice in venous surgical problems, endovascular surgery as well as standard vascular surgery.

  • Participated in developing a Pacemaker service based at Lismore Hospital to provide cover for the whole North Coast of NSW.

  • Provided the initial Pacemaker services on the Gold Coast in the early 1980s.

  • Lead the development in Laser use for vascular problems in the early 1980s.

  • Lead the development of endovasculartechniques in peripheral vascular surgery, with initial cases carried out in Lismore in 1982.

  • Actively involved in international teaching (current).

  • Participantin the Vascular Leaders Conference of World Vascular Surgeons in Bangkok in 2005.

  • Invited lecturer and practical demonstrator of leading endovascular techniques Shanghai, China; Beijing China; and Soujou, China in 2006.

  • Invited lecturer and practical demonstrator of leading endovascular techniques in India 2007, 2008 and 2009 in Delhi, Mumbai, Chenai and Pune.

  • Endovascular lecturer in Sydney and Wollongong March 2009, and Melbourne November 2009.

  • Former Vice President of Australian Association of Surgeons.

  • Member of the Australian and New Zealand Vascular Surgeons, the Vascular section of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons.

  • Certified continuing professional development by the College’s is active and up to date.

  • Credentialed for Vascular, Endovascular, Venous and Pacemaker procedures at Allamanda Private Hospital and Pindara Private Hospital at the Gold Coast.

  • I have ownership of a Circulatory Dynamics Laboratory and Vascular Centre of Excellence based on the Gold Coast.

  • I have owned a tertiary level training college with Government, national accreditation at university level.

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